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Santosh Devaraj Of Secure Logic Says Fitness App Hack Proves Vulnerability Should Be Key Concern

Santosh Devaraj Secure LogicHacking in its various forms has never received so much mainstream attention. From the 2016 U.S. presidential election with its talk of international actors up to no good to small-scale breaches of crucial company data, a secure database has never been so important. Nobody knows this fact better than Secure Logic’s Santosh Devaraj. As a cyber security professional with decades of real-world experience and technical training, Mr. Devaraj has helped private, corporate, government and business clients shore up their database protection programs. Those unsure if their systems need protecting need not look far for evidence, as we will see below.


According to a March 30, 2018 article from The Guardian newspaper, users of the MyFitnessPal smartphone application were “compromised” as part of “one of the biggest hacks in history.” All told, about 150 million users were affected and the sportswear brand Under Armour said that includes “names, email addresses and scrambled passwords” among other bits of personal data. The silver lining, as Santosh Devaraj of Secure Logic points out, is that payment card data wasn’t taken by the hackers. Per the article, Under Armour’s statement notes that the company did not know the “identity of the unauthorized party,” but the “investigation into this matter is ongoing.”


Secure Logic’s Santosh Devaraj knows that breaches like this are sometimes a matter of poor luck and bad timing combined with the skills that hackers have. This realistic approach is one that Mr. Devaraj explains when he and his digital security company are recruited by various clients. Among services that he can offer include an overarching security assessment where areas in need of improvement will be identified. To prove that Secure Logic and Santosh Devaraj are offering worthwhile services, the company can also offer penetration testing services to show that the work done will deter those looking for information they should never be allowed to get their hands on in the first place.


Per the Guardian article, the MyFitnessPal breach is the “largest this year and one of the top five to date.” While payment card data wasn’t taken, that doesn’t mean those who carried out the attack couldn’t come back for more information if the security systems aren’t addressed and improved. The fact that 3 billion Yahoo accounts were compromised in 2013 goes to show what the scope of a successful attack can be. With the knowledge of Secure Logic and Santosh Devaraj on your side, it’s entirely possible to deter attacks or spring a net of defense when someone decides to test your network.

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