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Keep Sensitive Information On Lock With Services From Secure Logic And Santosh Devaraj

Santosh DevarajWe live in a truly digital world where online transactions allow us to do everything from purchase goods and services to manage our bank accounts and store personal – and highly confidential – information. The convenience of such processes is clear to see and it’s why they won’t be going away any time soon. However, those looking for a backdoor or loophole into this treasure trove of personal and business data are doing so illegally. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean there are any fewer such incidents going on, either. According to an end-of-year wrap-up from cyber security news outlet CSO, 2017 wasn’t exactly a reassuring year. Just some of the major headaches included the breach of Equifax data, Russian involvement in U.S. social media as well as plenty of ransomware and phishing scams. These occurrences and more are issues that Santosh Devaraj will be keeping tabs on as we head into 2018. As founder and CEO of the cyber security company Secure Logic, Santosh Devaraj is no stranger to the tricks of the trade he’s helped foil before.


According to CSO, the prevalence of state-sponsored illegal activity on the digital frontier is expected to increase. While the motivation for nations to conduct such operations varies, the possibility of it expanding to hit infrastructure and power grids is of particular concern. As the 2017 Data Breach Industry Forecast from Experian states, “The progression of cyber-attacks driven by nation-states will undoubtedly place critical infrastructure in the crosshairs, potentially leading to widespread outages or exposed personal information that could impact millions of innocent consumers.” To Santosh Devaraj, this just means that his company will get to work learning about the tools that these entities could use to accomplish such objectives. Given that Santosh Devaraj and Secure Logic have previously worked with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, New South Wales Police Force and IBM Asia Pacific, it’s clear that cyber security projects can be developed for a wide variety of clients.


Santosh Devaraj and Secure Logic have been leaders in the cyber security management field for years and Mr. Devaraj boasts more than two decades of combating cyber threats. This has been accomplished through a variety of personal certifications he’s earned along the way, including firewall specialist, security solution and design specialist, incident handler, system auditor and more. For clients considering the services of Secure Logic and Mr. Devaraj, it’s safe to say that this group can offer you peace of mind in a world where personal and client info can be snatched up from right under your nose.

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